What is an RC&D?

The Yosemite/Sequoia Resource Conservation and Development Council is a regional non-profit organization dedicated to natural resource conservation and economic development. The Council service area includes the rural and foothill communities of Fresno, Madera, Mariposa and Tulare counties. Council members are diverse and range from; Tribal Governments, Resource Conservation Districts, Board of Supervisors, Fire Safe Councils, Community Development Councils, Economic Development Councils, educational institutes and other community groups.


It is the mission of the Yosemite/Sequoia RC&D Council to promote the quality and aesthetic values of our cultural, environmental, and recreational resources by improving the quality of life through sustainable, diverse economic development.


The Y/S RC&D was authorized by the United States Congress in 2001. Since that time the Council has successfully gained and administered over a million dollars’ worth of projects.


Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D) is a unique program that helps people care for and protect their natural resources in a way that improves our economy, environment, and way of life.

The RC&D program is a nationwide program of USDA. Each RC&D Council is directed by a group of local volunteers. Together, they work to improve local economies, develop and protect natural resources, and solve local social needs. About 1400 projects are undertaken nationally by RC&D Councils each year.


Each RC&D Council sets its own priorities.

They may include such things as:

  • Community Development
  • Information & Education
  • Recreation and Tourism
  • Environmental Enhancement
  • Forestry
  • Water Quality & Quantity
  • Land Conservation
  • Water Management
  • Sustainable Economic Development


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