Success Stories

Yosemite/Sequoia Resource Conservation and Development Council  provides valuable services to the community through a variety of projects and initiatives. 


yosemite west fuel reduction

In June 2010 Yosemite West, a residential community adjacent to Yosemite National Park, received their fifth and final National Fire Plan grant to create defensible space. The grant is from the National Park Service through the California Fire Safe Council. The grant will create defensible space on 44.45 acres – the last project area surrounding the 109-acre community. This multiple-year implementation of the fuel reduction projects identified in the Yosemite West Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) has encouraged participation among community members who have seen the success of other phases of the project from prior years.

Project Technical Contact, John Mock explains, “This project brought together members of a sometimes divided, isolated community. Fire safety is one issue that a majority of the community members can agree on. As a result, community members talk more often about other issues and better understand their neighbors.”

The overall CWPP called for multiple types of treatment to remove ladder fuels and understory fuels, including chipping, lop-and-scatter and mastication.  The CWPP allowed for modification of prescriptions to address unanticipated issues such as stem density, downed wood, and dead trees. Mariposa County Fire Chief Jim Wilson has described Yosemite West as, “a model for Mariposa County.”

In 2011 alone, Yosemite West was potentially threatened by two wildfires; the Avalanche Fire, and the Motor Fire, which burned a total of 6,400 acres. The project had fuel reduction crews in the community working before the fires started – reinforcing the vital importance of such fuel reduction projects.

We would like to congratulate Yosemite West for their ten-year commitment to fire safety!