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Trail in Woods

American Water Oakhurst River Parkway Trail Restoration Project

Start Date: 05/02/2024                

Finish Date: 05/02/2025


Partner: Madera County


Funder: American Water Foundation


Purpose: This project aims to restore and enhance the parkway, improving safety, accessibility, and educational opportunities for all visitors and community members. Focused restoration efforts will include:

  • Removing invasive species

  • Repairing and reinforcing trail infrastructure

  • Improving water flow to mitigate flooding risks


These actions are vital for the community's safety, well-being, and the protection of property, while also promoting environmental stewardship and providing educational insights into local ecosystems and conservation efforts.

Current Activity:  Update 06/19/2024: We hosted an award ceremony announcing to the Oakhurst community that the project will be coming to their local trail. During the award ceremony, we were able to get sign-ups for volunteer work days on the trail. We have also done some outreach to find a local project coordinator who will work with county staff to determining needs for CEQA.

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