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Partnership Services

Yosemite Sequoia Resource Conservation and Development Council offers its partners many services, making your investment with the council dedicated to supporting and championing the Southern Sierra Region of California in Mariposa, Madera, Fresno, and Tulare Counties. We’d like to invite you to review some of the services listed below and consider joining the council as a supporting member.

The services available to supporting members include but are not limited to...

Program Administration


Fiscal Agent Services


Program/Project management services


Grant Writing


Program Development


Developing and executing community education and outreach


Provide leadership for the planning, implementing, and monitoring of projects and/or committees


Support sponsor organization's grant applications by writing or reviewing the applications or submitting Letters of Support on behalf of Sonsor Organizations


Connecting partners and cooperators to organizations as opportunities that align with specific activities and pursuits of Sponsor Organizations, such as potential project or program opportunities


Provide cross-training opportunities to Sponsor Organizations as resources become available


Other activities mutually benefit Y/S RC&D Council and Sponsor Organizations, as mutually determined, and agreed upon by Y/S RC&D Council and Sponsor Organizations

Green Forest

Let's work together!

If a partnership with Y/S RC&DC would benefit your organization, please review the MOU and Supporting Sponsorship document here

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