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Forest Trail

Sierra Sequoia Conservation Action Outreach Project

Start Date: 02/29/2024                

Finish Date: 03/01/2025


Partner: Sierra Nevada Alliance


Funder: U.S. Forest Service


Purpose: Coalitions & Collaboratives, Inc. (COCO) and Y/S RC&DC will promote a range of work related to wildfire mitigation and risk reduction activities. This project will leverage partnerships to increase the pace and scale of wildfire resilience projects locally and regionally.


Current Activity: The contract is signed and we are currently awaiting the counter signature.

Update 4/24/24: We have selected a Sierra Nevada Alliance Fellow, and they will start work in May 2024!

Update as of 07/15/2024: SNA Fellow, Colleen Laird has been fully onboarded and integrated into ongoing Y/S RC&DC projects and workflows. Colleen continues to focus on developing a project priority database for our region. She is actively engaging with partners, fostering connections within our network. Colleen orchestrated an in-person meet-and-greet in Mariposa on June 12th to address concerns and brainstorm ideas for the county foothill area, promoting relationship-building efforts. Colleen has been shadowing the Y/S RC&DC team, gaining insights into reporting, invoicing, and grants. Additionally, Colleen participated in a grant administration workshop hosted by Sierra Nevada Conservancy.

Looking ahead, Colleen has begun planning workshops scheduled for 2024. Raini and Colleen have collaborated closely, reaching out to partners such as Sierra Nevada Conservancy and CARCD to explore the feasibility of sharing intake assessment forms aimed at surveying regional needs. Raini holds weekly strategy meetings with Colleen to coordinate project initiatives, oversee ongoing management tasks, and lay the groundwork for upcoming workshops throughout the remainder of the year.

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