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Mariposa Strategic Wildfire Mitigation Project (5GG22143)

Start Date: 07/07/2023                

Finish Date: 03/15/2029


Partners: CAL FIRE, Mariposa Fire Safe Council


Funder: CAL FIRE


Purpose: The project objective is to treat 73 ares (300-ft shaded fuel break) near Homestead/Boyer Road in Mariposa County to protect 4,421 habitable structures in Mariposa County, as well as people, businesses, schools, infrastructure, and community resources in and near the wildfire-threatened communities of Mariposa, Eastern Madera County, and the Southern area of Yosemite National Park.


Current Activity: This project has just kicked off and will be starting very soon!

Update as of 07/15/2024: Staff visited the land parcels in late-May 2024 to get a preliminary look at the properties to prepare a forest management plan that will support the eventual CEQA documentation. Project Manager, Raini Patteson, and Executive Director, Erin Capuchino, processed ROEs and have 2/3 signed and returned as of 07/15/2024. Raini Patteson is investigating with the Assessor's office the rest of landowners who haven't signed so there will be 100% completion before foresters enter properties to complete CEQA before bidding and activities can commence.

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