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Green Forest

The Dinkey Landscape Restoration Project

Start Date: 12/21/2021                

Finish Date: Ongoing


Partner: U.S. Forest Service, SCALE


Funder: Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program (CFLRP)


Purpose: The Dinkey Creek Landscape Restoration Project (DLRP) is a science-based ecological restoration strategy that covers 154,000 acres in the southern Sierra Nevada on the High Sierra Ranger District of the Sierra National Forest. The strategy is both a landscape and stand-levl approach that recognizes that fire is the dominant ecological process influencing ecosystem processes and vegetation dynamics. through the use of prescribed fire, mechanical thinning, watershed improvements, and other restoration treatments, this project seeks to restore key features of diverse, fire-adapted forests, including heterogeneity at multiple scales, reduced surface and ladder fuels, and terrestrial and aquatic habitats for sensitive wildlife species.

Current Activity: Progress is moving forward in 2024.

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