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Forest Path

WIP Capacity Program Subgrant (972-RFFCP)

Start Date: 07/01/2022               

Finish Date: 12/01/2024


Partner: Sierra Nevada Conservancy, Sierra Nevada Alliance


Funder: Sierra Nevada Conservancy


Purpose: The goal of the RFFCP Early Action funding program is to build the capacity of regional partners to:

  • Engage in collaborative planning that covers multiple forest and community benefits

    • Engage with partners in the Sequoia are of Kern County​

  • Establish a "pipeline of projects" to increase the pace and scale of forest restoration

  • Move a project in Tulare County to Shovel Ready status


Current Activity: We are continuing working with partners on Forest Health Prioritization plans for future project planning/development and identifying possible funding sources. The Sugarloaf project is poised to be shovel-ready by the summer of 2024, and the CAL Fire prevention grant has been submitted for implementation. A meeting was held with the Executive committee, SNC, and the Executive Director, Erin Capuchino, to confirm the progress of the grant. Erin Capuchino confirmed it is expected to be completed on time.

Before picture of hazardous wildfire fuel
After picture of hazardous wildfire fuel being removed through Firewise program
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