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Yosemite/Sequoia RC&DC has been awarded the American Water Charitable Foundation 2024 Water and Environment Grant


Erin Capuchino

Yosemite/Sequoia RC&DC

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Yosemite/Sequoia RC&DC Awarded American Water Charitable Foundation 2024 Water and Environment Grant

Oakhurst, CA – MAY 2, 2024 – Yosemite/Sequoia RC&DC announced today that it was awarded an American Water Charitable Foundation 2024 Water and Environment grant, focusing on the restoring the Oakhurst River Parkway.


The Oakhurst River Parkway Trail Restoration Project will allocate grant funds to initiate a comprehensive Project Environmental Assessment. This foundational step involves conducting thorough pre- and post-restoration surveys of the area's flora and fauna, aimed at quantifying biodiversity gains, and monitoring the vitality and prevalence of native species. Following the assessment, the project will move to the implementation phase, focusing on eradicating invasive species, repairing and reinforcing trail infrastructure, and enhancing water flow to reduce flooding risks significantly. An integral part of this phase includes mobilizing community involvement through volunteer workdays, offering a hands-on approach to conservation efforts, and fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility towards the parkway.

To ensure the sustainability and future viability of the Oakhurst River Parkway beyond the tenure of this grant, the Yosemite/Sequoia Resource Conservation and Development Council (Y/S RC&DC) is committed to cultivating partnerships with local businesses and organizations. These collaborations aim to sponsor specific restoration tasks or support educational initiatives, thereby securing a sustainable funding stream for the trail's ongoing maintenance and programming. This strategy not only diversifies the project's funding base but also leverages local expertise and resources, enhancing community engagement and expanding the project's reach and impact within the local ecosystem.

 Employing these strategic measures for grant utilization and adopting a proactive approach to sustainable funding, the Oakhurst River Parkway Trail Restoration Project is poised to achieve long-term success. Through these efforts, the project will continue to contribute significantly to the environmental health and communal well-being of Oakhurst, ensuring its legacy extends well beyond the initial investment period.

"Yosemite Sequoia is excited to work with the Oakhurst community and American Water to revitalize this amazing trail. Our goal is to see locals and visitors utilize this trial,” said Erin Capuchino, the Executive Director of Yosemite/Sequoia RC&DC.

The Water and Environment grant is part of the American Water Charitable Foundation’s Keep Communities Flowing Grant Program. The Foundation isa 501(c)(3) organization established by American Water, the largestregulated water and wastewater utility company in the U.S., and aims tosupport high-impact projects and initiatives that further American Water’s commitment to ESG, as well as inclusion, diversity and equity.

“The American Water Charitable Foundation is committed to participating and investing in organizations and programs that benefit the diverse communities served by American Water,” said Carrie Williams, President, American Water Charitable Foundation. “We take pride and are proud to further American Water’s ongoing commitment to being a good neighbor and strong partner in the community.”

Learn more about our mission and community impact by clicking here:

About Yosemite/Sequoia RC&DC

Yosemite Sequoia Resource Conservation and Development Council serves the foothill and forest rural communities of Mariposa, Madera, Fresno, Tulare, and Southern Kern Counties. Council members are diverse and range from Tribal Governments, Resource Conservation Districts, County Boards of Supervisors, Fire Safe Councils, educational institutes, and other community groups.

In conjunction with its partners and supporters, the Council develops projects and programs that benefit the local community while maintaining a regional platform. Usually, projects and programs evolve organically from the direct needs of a community group in the service area. Once needs are identified, we work to obtain funding, leverage capacity, and link resources to develop a successful project or program. We encourage groups and organizations to contact us with any ideas regarding environmental concerns, economic development ideas, community needs, and more. In addition, we provide letters of support, search for funding opportunities, support and facilitate program development, grant writing, and preparation, obtain non-profit status, provide fiscal agent services, and more.

About American Water

American Water (NYSE: AWK) is the largest regulated water and wastewater utility company in the United States. With a history dating back to 1886, We Keep Life Flowing® by providing safe, clean, reliable and affordable drinking water and wastewater services to more than 14 million people with regulated operations in 14 states and on 18 military installations. American Water’s 6,500 talented professionals leverage their significant expertise and the company’s national size and scale to achieve excellent outcomes for the benefit of customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders.For more information, visit and join American Water on LinkedIn, Facebook, X and Instagram.


About American Water Charitable Foundation

The American Water Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides a formal way to demonstrate the company’s ongoing commitment to be a good neighbor, citizen, and contributor to the communities where American Water and its employees live, work and operate. For more information, visit

Media Contact

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Erin Capuchino

Executive Director

559)580-304240108 Hwy 49, Ste. C #298

Oakhurst, CA 93644

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